Why the Day of Atonement Could not have Fallen on October 22, 1844 An Examination of Inaccurate Jewish and SDA History and Traditions

After discovering the luni-solar Sabbath, I couldn’t help but notice the number of fellow luni-solar Sabbath observers I met online who claimed to either be an ex-Seventh Day Adventist, or still identified as one, despite the fact that they acknowledged a different Sabbath than the Seventh Day Adventist church endorses. There are some luni-solar Sabbath keepers I’ve met that came from Messianic Judaism and Hebraic Roots, or just from their own Bible studies on the Sabbath, but the vast majority I’ve run into have been prior members of the SDA church.

I would often get asked by them if I believed Ellen G. White was a true prophet, or they would give me their own opinions on the matter, some highly regarding her and what she said about what later became known about the Great Disappointment, others writing her prophecies and teachings off as deception. I was careful not to take a side in the matter, as I had never read all of her writings thoroughly, so I did not feel I knew enough about what she believed and hoped in or taught to make a judgement on the matter.

I have to say, the date of October 22, 1844, has always irked me since I first heard of the Great Disappointment of the SDAs and Millerites. Why that Gregorian date? What also irked me was the argument of false premises about whether the SDA church and the Karaite Jewish sect was correct about the timing of the Day of Atonement, which the Jewish people call, Yom Kippur, or if the Jewish Orthodox rabbis were more accurate about which date the holy day fell that year.

According to the historical traditions about this argument from the SDA church, the SDA church claimed Yom Kippur fell on October 22, 1844, while the Jewish rabbis insisted the Day of Atonement occurred on September 23, 1844. According to SDA tradition, in 1844, the Rabbinic Jews used the equinox and a 19-year calculated cycle to determine the first and seventh months of the year, while another Jewish sect, the Karaites, used the barley method. The SDA church says they decided the Karaites to be the correct party in this calendar calculation argument, as they believed the rumors that Karaites were more adherent to the Laws of Moses than the Orthodox Jews. (In actuality, neither Jewish sect follows the Laws of Moses, as Messiah said, the Jews who do not believe on Him follow their own traditions, instead of His Law. It truly is Messiah Yahusha who puts the Law on our hearts, our minds, and on our lips, that we may do it, according to Hebrews 8 and Jeremiah 31.) The SDA church says the Karaites kept the appointed time on October 22nd that year, and that the SDA church followed suit, on a different date than the Rabbinic Jews, who observed it a month earlier.

I’ve since found out that the Karaites deny this claim by the SDA church. The Karaites claim that they kept Yom Kippur in 1844 with the Rabbinic Jews, in September, on the 23rd, which they claim was a Monday. (Even more interestingly, shedding more light on the falsehood of the traditions and history of Jewish calendar practices of the past, including the weekly Sabbath they claim has always been on Saturday, as some websites, like timeanddate.com, say this September 23rd was a Saturday, not a Monday. Hmmm… Seems to be a problem for Gregorian week Sabbath keepers, we don’t know what day of the Gregorian week it was for sure, it seems, in 1844. Some have pointed out there may be some confusion with some countries back then still keeping the Julian calendar, which had a different number of days in the week than the Gregorian. Let’s not even get into the details about how Jews hold a tradition that contradicts the Law, in which they change the date of Atonement, they postpone it if Yom Kippur lands on a Saturday Sabbath, which isn’t an issue with the true luni-solar Sabbath, but they know it’s not proper to fast for Yom Kippur on the weekly Sabbath day. The Book of Jubilees confirms this in the final chapter of the Book, Chapter 50, that the weekly Sabbath is a day of eating, drinking, and being satisfied, not fasting or affliction. It prohibits fasting on the weekly Sabbath, with a death penalty.) If I had to choose between believing timeanddate.com and Karaite Jewish tradition and history based on he said/she said, and not Scripture, I’m more likely to believe timeanddate.com, as those who run this website actually take note of the lights in the heavens when they write history, and I try to beware the leaven of the Pharisees in order to obey Yahuah’s Messiah.) Anyway, the SDA church does not have the Karaites to back up their claims for the date of October 22, 1844. I’m going to explain why the dates of October 22nd claimed by the SDAs, and September 23rd claimed by the Rabbinic and Karaite rabbis, are BOTH impossibilities in 1844 for the Day of Atonement.

Leviticus 23 states that the Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur, occurs on the 10th day of the 7th month. It’s well known that the Biblical calendar was a luni-solar one. The SDAs and the Rabbinic and Karaite Jews agree on that one.

The SDA church claims there was an argument was about which New Moon should have been the first of the year, determining which lunation would be the 7th of the year, the month Yom Kippur falls in. The claim is that the Rabbinic Jews kept September 23, 1844 as the 10th of the 7th month, and the SDA church said the 10th of the 7th luni-solar month was on October 22, 1844. This argument itself was a red flag for me, because I know that none of the methods discussed, the modern Karaite barley method, or the more traditional Orthodox Jewish way of determining the first month, is correct. By studying patterns in the Bible and nature, patterns of darkness and light, night and day, evening and morning, winter and summer, I now understand that the first month occurs with the New Moon BEFORE or ON the day that the day becomes longer than the night (which is exactly what the Jews and SDAs claim the Rabbinic Jews did in 1844, the Rabbinic Jews still only begin the year with the New Moon BEFORE that time in March at the Spring equionox, or tequfah, SOME years, not every year, as SOME years they begin the year with the New Moon AFTER this, depending on which New Moon is closest to what they call, equinox), as described in the Book of Enoch. I’ve learned most arguments about the Bible and its calendar, like whether the Sabbath is Saturday or Sunday, are based on false parameters from the get-go, a bait and switch. Neither is right, they are both wrong, because the seventh day Sabbath is a luni-solar one, a day and “season/moadim/appointed time”, based on and according to the lights in the heavens, and the Scriptures. Genesis 1:14, Psalms 104:19, etc…

That was just the first thing that bothered me about the feud, though. I’m so glad we have the Holy Spirit as our guide, because I felt a nudge to look up those dates and compare them both to the lights in the heavens that year, as even the SDA church admits the months of the year in the Bible and prophecy are based on both the sun and the moon, and that the dates for the holy days in the Leviticus 23 are counted from each New Moon. I decided to settle the matter for myself, and maybe for others, once and for all. What I found was surprising, and not, at the same time. It was not surprising because I knew the traditions of the church and the synagogues are based on traditions of men, not the Law of Moses, as Yahusha pointed out, but it was VERY surprising because I just could not believe how obviously wrong these dates were when compared to the phases of the moon! These dates were not even CLOSE to the date given in Leviticus 23! I thought they would at least TRY to be CLOSE! They were almost 2 weeks off for the Day of Atonement, not days away! This isn’t even an argument of whether they began the month with conjunction or calculations or the observance of the first visible crescent! The confusion with the differences and discrepancies between the Gregorian and Julian calendars in practice at the time do not even explain this huge gap between what the lights in the heavens say the date was for Yom Kippur, and when Judaism or the SDA church say it was.

According to timeanddate.com, which I have found over the years to be extremely accurate, and anyone can verify this with other websites and software, they should be right on or very close, using the year 1844, and the location of Jerusalem, Israel, on timeanddate.com’s Moon Phases page, the New Moon (conjunction of the sun and moon) before October 22nd  (the SDA date) was on September 30th, in the middle of the night, making the next morning, coincidentally, October 1st, the first day of the luni-solar month, or Rosh Chodesh. This is a problem for SDAs because, again, according to Lev. 23, the Day of Atonement falls on the 10th day of the month, or luni-solar cycle. If the first day of the 7th month was on Oct. 1st, then the Day of Atonement should be on the 10th of October, not the 22nd of October, which the SDAs have claimed would be the Day of Atonement. If the SDA church acknowledges that the Biblical calendar and its prophecies about the appointed times are based on a calendar using the sun and moon, which they do, with the months beginning at the New Moon, then why would they place the Day of Atonement on the 22nd day of the luni-solar month, instead of the 10th, as the Bible instructs? Yom Kippur is not supposed to occur at the tail end of the month, on the waning quarter moon! That would place the Day of Atonement on the 22nd of the 7th luni-solar month, when Lev. 23 instructs it’s on the 10th! The 22nd of the 7th month is the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, not the Day of Atonement! Obviously there is some confusion about this date and the doctrine among the SDAs!

If Orthodox Jewish rabbis REALLY held the position that the Day of Atonement that year was on September 23rd, as both the SDA church and Karaite Jews claim today, then the Orthodox Jewish rabbis have a similar problem. The New Moon conjunction before Sept. 23rd was on August 31st, in the afternoon, making the next morning, the 1st of September, the first of the luni-solar month. If the Jews were right about this New Moon being the 7th of the year, and they were, then the month that Yom Kippur falls in, according to Leviticus 23, should be on September 10th, not on September 23rd! Both parties seem to be confused, placing the Day of Atonement at the end of the month, on the 22nd of the month, instead of earlier in the month, on the 10th, as Moses instructed! If the blind follow the blind, they both fall into the ditch! Orthodox Judaism, the Karaites, and the SDA church are there! Hope they grab onto Messiah Yahusha and find their way out soon!





Lyndsey Sanchez

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