I’ve been given a mighty out-pouring of faith to believe what I read, and I try to encourage others in that area. I’ve become very tired of hearing excuses from people about why they can’t study, why they can’t find the truth, so I’d like to help them and encourage them to believe YHUH when He says they WILL find if they SEEK. I’m looking for others who at least WANT to BELIEVE that IF you seek, you SHALL find. Yet, I believe in focusing on the weightier matters of the law, the salvation issues, such as sexual immorality, idolatry, blood, and things strangled (Lev 17-19:3 and Acts 15:19-21)). I believe the Sabbath is also one of the weightier matters. There’s no point in discussing the weightier matters if we can’t agree on which day is the Sabbath to meet and hear what Moses has to say about it. I also believe faith in Yahusha as THE Messiah is a weightier matter of the law. What good is the Sabbath without the Master of the Sabbath? There is no Torah without the Law-Giver. For this reason, I reject that I need rabbinic teachings to understand Torah. As long as anyone, including Jewish religious leaders, reject Yahusha as their Messiah, the Law-Giver, they are rejecting His Torah light. If they believed Moses, they’d believe Him, so I reject the insistence of some Messianics that to reject Judaism’s Anti-Messiah teachings is Anti-Semitic, as it has nothing to do with race, everything to do with being zealous that scripture is sufficient and adequate for teaching and contains no leaven to avoid if we let scripture interpret scripture and let the ruach lead us into all truth. I accepted Yahusha as my Messiah in the Summer of 1996. That’s when I began learning His word, but it was almost a decade later before I started to obey it. Coming to believe and do what it says has been a long process, that really began around the time I met my dear husband towards the end of 2004. I am blessed to have my husband and two children on this journey with me.

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